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What is Sprigo?

Think of it as a 24hr open office you can walk in at any time and ask the right person to get something done for you, right now.

Even though it has a board for long term projects, Sprigo majors on the jobs you need done right away and you don’t want to wait a week while reading through hundreds of applications and rubbish form letters. Sometimes you just need that job done right now. Sprigo helps you do just that.

Why Sprigo?

Sprigo was created by Dan Miller and Chris Kulbacki. We have been working together for a long time, and we both worked as freelancers in the past and soon became employers as work and business progressed.

Our experience from both sides, as a freelancer and employer is the reason we finally decided to create Sprigo. Taking what was good from various freelance service sites and removing the bottlenecks thus Sprigo was born.

What does the word Sprigo mean? It comes from the word meaning a small shoot of a tree or a plant. It fittingly represents the fresh and new approach to freelancing that the service brings. It's a little plant that we hope will grow and expand, providing work for thousands for many years to come.

How do you pronounce it? We’ve heard different people pronounce it differently but we like to say, "spreego".

Where is Sprigo?

You may have noticed the British spelling on the site. That's because Sprigo Limited is a company registered in England. But it doesn't matter where it's registered, the Internet knows no borders and we hope it will serve people from all around the world. Sprigo is designed to be multi-lingual from the core and soon we're hoping to launch the service in more languages so it can be used in the countries where the employers and freelancers don't speak English.

More to come!

Please keep in mind that Sprigo is a new service and there are still many things to iron out and add to make it the perfect service we envisioned. We continue working on new functionality to be added to the site and we'll be releasing the enhancements and improvements as soon as they are ready. We hope you'll enjoy using Sprigo!

Sprigo Limited, Third Floor 207 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH, United Kingdom