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1. Sign up.
2. Search and select a few candidates that match your criteria.
3. Send your job proposal and chat with the individual freelancers.
4. Hire and deposit the payment in a safe escrow until the job is completed.
5. Job done! Release the payment.
1. Sign up.
2. Add your resume and create a good portfolio.
3. Install the job alert Sprigo App and get online.
4. Employers will offer you jobs. You can also apply for jobs on the public board.
5. Build your reputation and network to get more jobs.

The Benefits of using Sprigo:

As a Professional

  • Get paid the rates you deserve. This isn’t a race to the bottom. It’s about who can do a good job, right now.
  • Chat directly with the employer. Make sure you get the full picture before accepting the job. Saves you time and frustration.
  • Quick turnaround jobs will give you a higher rate per hour.
  • The jobs will come knocking at your door. You don’t have to apply for 100s of jobs. Your portfolio will speak for itself.
  • Instant payment. The employer has to pay before the job begins. The money is put into an escrow account so you know it’s there for when you finish.
  • Get hired from anywhere. Add a “hire me” button on your blogs, websites and facebook profiles.
  • See what you’re making in your own currency.

As an Employer

  • The biggest and best benefit as an employer. IT’S A TIME SAVER.
  • It’s talent on demand.
  • It doesn’t take weeks to hire. It’s done now.
  • You can chat with that person live. Give clear directions and instructions. Saving time and misunderstandings.
  • No sifting through 100s of unwanted bids and spam from freelancers.
  • You choose the best person for the job by looking at their portfolio and hourly rate.
  • See feedback from previous employers and be confident about who you hire.
  • Switch to any currency and see what you’re paying in your preferred currency.
  • Save your favourite freelance professional for future jobs. Saves even more time.
  • Everything is done faster on

How to use Sprigo:

As an employer

  • Signup.
  • Search for the skills you need.
  • Select a few professionals.
  • Post your job to them and get instant replies.
  • Answer any questions and receive their quotes.
  • Hire and pay.
  • The payment is put into our escrow service until the job is complete.
  • Once the job has been completed, release the funds.
  • Job done!

As a professional

  • Signup.
  • Add your portfolio and skill sets.
  • Install Sprigo App
  • Browse the job board or wait to be contacted by the employers through the Sprigo App.
  • Chat with potential employers.
  • Send your quote.
  • Get hired.
  • Complete the job.
  • Get paid!
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