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Sprigo's at the Bologna Bookfair

Some Sprigo spring news: We will be advertising Sprigo's services (you) at the upcoming Bologna bookfair (Monday 25th - Thurs 28th of March) and forthcoming bookfairs. We have worked in the publishing industry for many years and continue to do so. The Bologna bookfair is the largest Children's publishing fair in the world. A great place for us not only to find amazing artistic talents but also top quality employers and companies who are looking for creative services including, translators, writers, artists, app developers and designers. Everything that a small publishing company needs and can outsource to you.

So make sure your profile can be found by completing the profile checklist and verifying it.

Here are a few tips:

1. Send us a link to other freelance websites you have received feedback from so we can add them to your profile.

2. We need experts so think about what you are an expert in and select your top 3 categories.

3. Fill in a friendly Introduction and About me giving the employer a little insight into your world.

4. Upload your picture and portfolio samples. Portfolios are the most powerful way to get hired quickly.

You can use this profile as an example:

Sprigo competition!

Hello to all our Sprigo professionals,

We're Dan and Chris, co-founders of We both worked as freelancers and employers. We created Sprigo's LIVE hiring system to help speed up the hiring process and for freelancers to get better rates by avoiding the race to the lowest bidder.

We want to help all of you fine, talented people to get jobs and LOTS of them. However there are a few things employers look for before they choose you. Speaking from personal experience we look at the skill set, portfolio and ratings before choosing a freelancer for a project. Each one is extremely important for the employer to feel secure that they are hiring the right person.

So for the month of February we will be running a competition; it's very simple - the professional who gets the most ratings this Feb wins!

All you need to do is tap into your inner creativity, contact any current or previous employers, unlock your contact list or take a look at your social network and get yourself hired and rated. (You can find "Hire me" buttons in My Sprigo->Utilities for your website or blog.)

The top prize is $100 USD - 2nd and 3rd prize will be $50 each. However we want everyone to be winners, so we're offering a 3 month no fee on all jobs for anyone with 1 rating and a 6 month no fee for anyone with 2 ratings (the usual fee is 10%). The competition ends at midnight (+0 GMT) 28th of Feb.

The winners will also be featured on the home page where we will show case your skills to even more employers.

We want to increase your chances of success on Sprigo so with your help we can make this venture successful.

If you have any questions just drop us a line, we're happy to hear from you.

All the best and good luck!

Countdown... and launch!

After over a year of planning, programming and testing, Sprigo is finally ready! It took a lot of thinking and work to come up with a service that uses a new approach to freelancing, but we hope it will be just what is needed for quick turnover jobs.

This service was created because of a need we felt in our personal business ventures. Many times we wished we could interact in real time with the freelancers we hire to make sure they know what they say they do, to answer their questions before we hire them or to negotiate their quote. And if only there was a way to skip the step of wading through those hundreds of stock-paragraph bids...

We tried to address all those issues when creating Sprigo. We wanted a useful service with a clear and easy interface. Did we succeed? Your participation and feedback will tell! So please let us know what you think using the Feedback link on the menu (available after you log in).

Thank you for using Sprigo! We hope you'll find it helpful!

Sprigo Limited, Third Floor 207 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH, United Kingdom